Film Composer Quincy Griffin's site


Berkeley native B. Quincy Griffin has scored over a dozen feature films including Oscar nominated “Daughter from Danang” and Sundance Film Festival winner “My Flesh and Blood.” His recent feature film scores include, “Without a Net”, “A Kind of Order”, “One in a Million”, and “We’ve Got the Power”. He was also the composer for the 2012 Oscar nominated documentary short “The Barber of Birmingham.”
His music can also be heard in “The Waiting Room”(opening sequence), the Benjamin Bratt film “La Mission”, “The Two Escobars”, and “Better This World.” In addition, he recently wrote and produced the first ever Hip Hop songs for the television show “Dora the Explorer.”
Quincy founded and produced the Latin Hip-Hop band “O-Maya”, produced rapper Deuce Eclipse’s album “Indigenous Noise”, and is currently writing with vocalist Luqman Frank.

Video examples of Quincy’s work can be found on the portfolio page and full res audio tracks are available for license in the Music License Library section.