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Daughter from Danang

"Daughter From Danang"

Directed by Gail Dolgin & Vicente Franco. Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary, 2003. Winner, Best Documentary, Sundance Film Festival, 2003. This documentary follows the journey of Heidi Bub, an Amerasian child who was airlifted out of Vietnam during the war and adopted by a white family in Pulaski, Tennessee, birthplace of the KKK.
Original score: Traditional Vietnamese and Western music fusion.

My Flesh and Blood

"My Flesh and Blood"

Directed by Jonathan Karsh. HBO documentary. Winner of both the Audience and Directing Awards, Sundance Film Festival, 2003. This is the story of Susan Tom, a single parent from suburban Fairfield, California, who has adopted 11 children with special needs. The film obliterates stereotypes about people with disabilities, sharing joyful moments, everyday challenges, and heartbreaking losses.
Original Score: Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal, and Ambient based.

The Two Escobars

"The Two Escobars"

Directed by Jeff & Michael Zimbalist. The Colombian national soccer team set out to blaze a new image for their country in a mysteriously rapid rise to glory, to become one of the best teams in the world. Central to this success were two men named Escobar: Andrés, the captain and poster child of the National Team, and Pablo, the infamous drug baron who pioneered the phenomenon known in the underworld as “Narco-soccer.”
Contributing Composer: Ambient/Latin.

sentenced home

"Sentenced Home"

Directed by Nicole Newnham & David Graybeus. This documentary is a gripping exploration that humanizes the United States' tragically flawed immigration policy. The film follows the story of 3 Cambodian-Americans living in Seattle (who came as children in the early 80s, when a multitude of Cambodian refugees were given housing in the city's projects) whose teenage rebellions catch up with them in a horrific way.
Original Score: Urban, Cambodian temple vocals, and Ambient blend.

sentenced home

"Brother Outsider"

Directed by Nancy Kates & Bennett Singer. Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, 2004. Recipient, GLAAD Media Award, 2004. Bayard Rustin is best remembered as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. Rustin was silenced, threatened, arrested, beaten, imprisoned, and fired from important leadership positions, largely because he was an openly gay man in a fiercely homophobic era.
Original Score: Jazz and Classical.

Row hard no excuses

Row Hard

Directed by Luke Wolbach. Slamdance, Official Selection, 2007. This film follows the American team in a harrowing two-person team rowing race across the Atlantic. Teams must build their own boats according to strict guidelines and invest huge sums of money - and that's before punishing their bodies to the extreme. Some teams deal with the stress through humor while others collapse with failure.
Original Score: Indie Rock & Electronica.

Speaking in Tongues

"Speaking in Tongues"

Directed by Ken Schneider & Marcia Jarmel. Audience Award, S.F. International Film Festival, 2009. What would it be like if your parents put you in a school where the teacher spoke a foreign language? Speaking in Tongues uses this scenario to explore the provocative notion that being bilingual can be a national asset. This intimate film witnesses the joys and challenges of four diverse children on their journey to become global citizens.
Contributing Composer: Mandarin Hip-Hop/R&B.

Wilderness Survival for Girls

"Wilderness Survival for Girls"

Directed by Kim Bennett & Eli Despres. Three teenage girls on a weekend getaway take a menacing stranger captive at their remote mountain cabin. Over the course of one feverish night, the girls' secret fears and sexual desires are exposed, and their newfound taste for cruelty is tested. With sly humor and razor-sharp suspense, Wilderness Survival For Girls turns the teen thriller on its head.
Original Score: Quirky Classical Pop.

A Hard Straight

"A Hard Straight"

Directed by Goro Toshimo. Best Documentary, SXSW Film Festival, 2004. This film follows the experiences of a gang member, a mother, and a small-time dealer. As parolees, they're about to discover that walking out the prison gates is just the beginning. A Hard Straight is a documentary about doing time on the outside and trying to stay straight.
Contributing Composer: Progressive Hip-Hop

Soul of Justice

"Soul of Justice"

Directed by Abby Ginzberg. Thelton Henderson’s American Journey is a timely and unforgettable story about one person’s commitment to integrity and human rights and his profound influence on the American judicial system. The film features his inspiring life and work as one of the first African-American federal judges in the United States and chronicles the impact of his decisions on the lives of millions.
Original Score: Jazz

Farming the Seas

"Farming the Seas"

Directed by Steve Cowan. Nominee, EMMY, 2004. This documentary explores what's at stake for us all as the aquaculture industry spreads across the globe. Human demand for seafood now far exceeds the ocean's ability to keep pace. And the crisis is deepening. In the past 50 years, ninety percent of the big fish in the worlds oceans have disappeared, and the only hope for restoring many fish populations is to stop fishing them completely.
Original Score: Ambient/Ethereal

Full Blossom

"Full Blossom"

Directed by James Brih Abee. A look at poet and actor Roberts Blossom, this film focuses on Blossom’s lifelong passion for sound and its magic. Broadway, Hollywood, and Blossom's childhood serve as backdrops to his journey through a disconnected family, strange visions, and love of language in pursuit of a better world.
Original Score: Jazz

Whats Race Got to do With it

"Whats Race Got to do With it"

Produced by Jean Cheng for California Newsreel. A documentary that goes beyond identity politics, celebratory history, and interpersonal relations to articulate the many myths and misconceptions that underlie and obstruct our thinking about race and equality in today’s post-Civil Rights world.
Contributing Composer: Ambient/Americana

Out of the Shadow

"Out of the Shadow"

Directed by Susan Smiley. The story of Susan Smiley’s family's secret struggle to deal with her mother's 
schizophrenia within the confines of the public health system. This film is a 
story of madness and dignity, shame and love, illuminating a national plight 
through one family's journey.
Original Score: Guitar/Keyboard based.

Tesla Commercial

"Tesla Commercial"

Produced by Filmsight Productions. Most electric vehicles operate under the assumption that driving is merely a necessary evil if you need to get someplace you can’t reach on foot or bike. The result has been cars that are designed, built, and marketed in ways that refuse to glorify driving.
Commercial Score: Electronica/Urban

Doof Cooking Show for Kids


Produced by Mike Axinn. A cooking show, DOOF makes good food fun by engaging kids and families in the crazy, wonderful story of where food comes from. DOOF offers a new way to explore food from a wide range of perspectives: backwards, forwards, sideways, right-side-up, upside-down and inside-out and a message that kids will be interested in good food not because it’s healthy, but because it’s cool.
Pilot episode score: Urban/ World/ Jazz

AC Transit commercials

"AC Transit Commercials"

Produced by Filmsight productions. A television and Radio commercial campaign for AC transit’s, Bay Area Rapid bus line.
Original Score: Urban



Directed by Dedoceo Habi & Abby Ginzberg. A series of HIV awareness PSA’s geared towards urban communities.
Original theme: Hip Hop

Lawrence Hall of Science video

"Lawrence Hall of Science"

An in museum video for Lawrence Hall of Science showcasing Hydrogen Fuel-Cell technology.
Original Score: Urban